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We deliver business improvements through advanced data analytics and automation.

Fight Financial Crime

Secure and accelerate your business with the best Fraud, Risk, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Cyber and Compliance platform.

Don't give in to threats out there.

Analyze and Execute

Scrutinize every piece of information to gain deeper insight, understand your customers' needs, and build a more inclusive society.

The world is an endless source of data.

Automate Everywhere

Leverage on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to integrate your data and business processes, and automate workflows.

Empower your employees to focus on value creation.

GleeMatic RPA

Leading automation of your back-office processes, reduce manual work & data entry errors and deliver a better customer service

Business Instant Messaging

Leverage the ease of communication with whatsapp or line or many other messanger. Reduce Call-Center load with hazzle free messanger communication

Lifestyle Retailing

Light touch transaction processing with contactless, wearable and mobile offerings. Seemless experience across store and online channels. Tailored offerings to your customer.

Hardware secured communication

SecuroSys HSM for connected devices and digital assets on the blockchain

IOTA secured transactions

We are building automation projects on the tangle and run a Hornet node

Optimus Analytics

Optimus platform for mass data processing, analytics and edge computing

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