Optimus DAE

Optimus modules for Financial Services:

  • Fraud monitoring and predictive analytics
  • KYC automated process
  • AML monitoring
  • Application fraud monitoring
  • Credit scoring

Optimus modules for Telecommunication:

  • Revenues assurance
  • Rating engine
  • Collections module
  • Risk engine


The Optimus® product platform offers a full solution for data analytics, real-time decision-making and use case-based data exploration. Optimus is an integrated solution comprising of these products:

  1. Optimus Data Mediation platform
  2. Optimus Rule Based Data Analytics Engine (DAE)
  3. Optimus AI/ML data models (based on R)
  4. Optimus Insight Case Manager

Optimus® delivers multiple functional capabilities and benefits from a single platform, enabling many use cases across industry verticals. Optimus combines RPA, micro-services, rule-based and AI/ML data analytics, data exploration, big data analytics and offers multiple deployment models to meet various cost and scalability requirements. Optimus®

  • is an open integration platform to develop and execute your micro-services
  • supports configurable flow logics and data structures with Optimus® Interactive
  • provides programmable services with scripting in OpenBSL
  • supports NoSQL and SQL DB as well as data lakes like Kudu
  • offers a rule configuration tool through its DAE graphical user interface
  • provides high scalability of data processing with a distributed bots deployment model
  • gives you Insight, a highly configurable user interface for your data exploration journey (workflows and data views)