Fight Financial Crime

Fight Financial Crime

Analyze to Understand

Automate Everywhere

Successfully fighting financial crime requires a pro-active approach, holistic governance, continuous effort to improve and adapt and the right technology platform to deploy your strategy and counter-measures efficiently and effectively. Traditional ways of data exploration and monitoring are easily out-manoeuvred.

We are equipping you with a technology platform for real-time analytics, behavioural profiling, link analysis, scoring models, predictive analytics and multi-channel coverage to prevent transaction and application fraud, while helping you to ensure compliance in your operations and collaboration with regulators.

We are living in a dynamic data-driven world, fuelled by interconnected organizations and individuals on a global level. Change is all around us. In order to stay ahead and allow your organization to take informed decisions, your business intelligence systems needs to be able to perform data exploration inside-out, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and visualization techniques that guide your users.

We provide you with the essence of data integration, data mediation, data analytics techniques, which focus on achieving your business objectives, whether it is managing risk, identifying revenue opportunities or driving cost and margin targets. Our solutions enable you to take decisions based on data evidence, thus improving your organization's competitiveness.

The truly single cross-industry driver for productivity gains of the next decade will be automation. This is not new - it has been around since the start of the internet - but it will accelerate in years to come.

We are automation enthusiasts with the strong believe that humanity can shape the way automation is applied and deliver benefits for everyone.

Our automation solution include data processing, leveraging RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in conjunction with data analytics, as well as robotic solutions for human interaction and humanoid services. IoT and and security are an important pre-requisite for automation deployed, as are artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

We are leveraging open source technologies and are proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in the automation, IoT and robotics industries.